Crimnox Deathwhisper

Crimnox Deathwhisper, The Lord of the Abyss Knights
"I am Crimnox Deathwhisper. I am the lord of the Abyss Knights. I am not here to harm this world, and I have only one goal…
…To prevent your worlds death."

Crimnox Deathwhisper was the second born to his older twin, Thanatos Deathwhisper. As with Deathwhisper culture, the eyes of the boys were looked at to decide the Heir. Crimnox was already at a disadvantage because he was the second born, but his eyes also decided his fate. Thanatos was born with Blue eyes. Crimnox with Green.
The way that the eyes were significant in Deathwhisper culture go as so:
Seen as the greatest, Only two Deathwhispers have ever had this, and it is seen that the were blessed by the Corruptor in all ways, Charisma, Strength, Intellect. They were nearly superhuman from birth.
Seen as the sign of a greatness, in all respects.
Seen as a sign of a great wizard and warrior.
Blue was a sign of a great warrior, and leader.
White was the sign of a great warrior.
Yellow was the sign of a great wizard.
Green was seen the weak color. Deathwhispers with these generally died early due to weakness, sickness, etc. They also rarely became the leaders of the kingdom or any high ranking spots.
Thanatos was easily chosen on their birth date to be the new heir to the throne. They were then assigned their teachers, and future advisors, as all other Deathwhispers were. Crimnox was assigned Sievert Mystweaver.
Early Life
Crimnox's early life was a tough one, his parents were very neglectful of him. They always preferred Thanatos rather than him. Sievert was always there for the young boy though, and raised him in all respects. He was even moved out of the Royal quarters and put into Sieverts. By the time he was 6 though, Crimnox's Father, the King, Chrozis Deathwhisper told Sievert that Crimnox would be raised to be the Royal Guard captain once Thanatos took over. Deathwhisper training started very early, as their pact with the Corruptor caused them to age faster, but also live much longer. By the time Crimnox and his brother were 6, they were about 11-12 by human standards. The only issue was that Sievert had already begun training Crimnox in the art of magics, and necromancy. Chrozis was very, very clear. Crimnox would not be a Necromancer. He would learn no magic.
Sievert told Chrozis that this would be done, but secretly he would continue to train Crimnox in the magical arts anyway. He thought that Crimnox had too much potential to just end it now, as he had already been able to bring multiple corpses back from the grave at the age of 5. He could cast more powerful spells than normal. Sievert could see that Crimnox could overcome the destiny of his eyes.
When Crimnox turned 8, he joined Sieverts Necromancy class. While other students did not really realize it, he was only 8, while all others were around 14-15. One person of note would be Yiviah, Crimnoxs closest childhood friend and future betrothed. There Crimnox would learn more spells, but he also was assigned one of Sieverts top bodyguards to learn a bit of Martial traits so that King Chrozis would not suspect anything.
Crimnox and Thanatos' 10th birthday would be something that haunted Crimnox up to this very day. There was an arena in the town that they both liked to go to, strange monsters, fierce warriors, the undead, anything you could think of would fight for entertainment. It was their favorite place to go. Thanatos did not get to spend much time with his Brother, but when they did, Crimnox always told him that he wanted to go there. So for their tenth birthday, their father and mother decided to take them there. Sievert and Thanatos' teacher, Leivok also attended. They spent a majority of the day there, with some of the best games that the two boys had ever seen. It was when the boys asked what the last match would be, that their father said it would be the best one all night. He then teleported both of the boys into the arena, and with them were two weapons. Thanatos was given a nearly perfect sword, and Crimnox was given a not so great staff. Crimnox tried to reason with his brother that they could not fight each other, but Thanatos had been training with Leivok and spent more time with their father than Crimnox. He truly believed, and told Crimnox that there could only be one heir. The beginning of the fight showed that Thanatos was obviously stronger, and it was nearly an easy fight. Before Thanatos could strike a killing blow however, Crimnox would unleash his magical prowess. Thanatos was taken by surprise and could not stop Crimnox. Crimnox screamed and begged his brother to stop, but Thanatos would not, and Crimnox dealt the killing blow. His father would teleport into the arena, and congratulate Crimnox for taking his rightful place as the heir. Crimnox was then moved into Thanatos' old room, and his Father would take more of an interest in his life. Chrozis was also very abusive, beating his son until he got things correct, where as Sievert was much more supportive and patient with him. Chrozis also forced Crimnox to practice more advanced necromancy on Thanatos' body. Crimnox would continue like this for a while, going to class with Sievert and the others in the day, and practicing more with his father during the night.
Teen Years
Crimnox spent a lot of his teen years in training, to be a King and a powerful necromancer. He also started to become closer to Yiviah, and his sister older Sindragosa. Eventually he would begin his more intimate relationship with Yiviah, and more intense training would begin when he was 13. By now, his rapid aging had slowed down and he looked about 18.
When Crimnox turned 15, Crimnox set on his personal Pilgrimage to the Deathwhisper Citadel, an ancient place where the Deathwhispers first made their dark pact, and where nearly all Deathwhispers are buried. Deathwhispers were supposed to go alone, through the entire Long Dark, and they would learn, hopefully, something about their destiny. Crimnox would successfully make it to the citadel, where his father and mentor were waiting for him. They then teleported to the Shadowfel, and Crimnox met the Corruptor, at least a version of him that would not make men go insane. It was there that Crimnox, Sievert, and Chrozis were told that Crimnox was very important to an ancient Deathwhisper prophecy. This was also where Crimnox would get his classic Mask, made from the skin of the Elven enemies.
It reads:
The Kingdom attacked
The People burn
The name dies
There is only one who listens
There is only one who speaks

The only one
Finds true love
The name forgotten
There are none who speak
There are none who listen

Perseverance and endurance
Knowledge of loss
Brink of madness
Pushed to the edge
The One will come…

Returned to the Ancient Kingdom
The One has come.
From its ashes
A Phoenix of Death
The One has come.

The Kingdom thrives,
A foreign Monarch
The Name lives again
The world will bend to them.
The end is here…
This prophecy had been known to the Deathwhispers for a very, very long time. The first of them, Naberius, was told of it. Now that they both knew that Crimnox would be vital to the prophecy, eyes were on him at all times. Chrozis made an entirely new Royal Bodyguard squad just for Crimnox, and Sievert was with him at all times, even cancelling his class entirely. This would cause Crimnox to become much more rebellious, always leaving without notifying anybody, breaking a lot of rules and partying a lot with Yiviah. His father would become a lot more abusive towards him, trying to make him more obedient to his 'Destiny'. Yiviah also wanted to settle down a bit with Crimnox, which he rejected. This caused their relationship to fall apart, and they would not talk to each other for about a week. After that, to make matters worse, Chrozis and Yiviahs father had decided that Crimnox and Yiviah would be betrothed to each other. Without talking their issues out, they grew to hate each other more than they had before.

The Fall of Tìr nam marbh
Chrozis had been fighting a war with the elven kingdom that was on the Border of The Long Dark since Crimnox had been born. The war had been in a stalemate for a very long time, the elves could never get too far into the Long Dark. But the war began to go in their favor. They, somehow, found a way to survive deeper into the Long Dark. Crimnox still does not know to this day how they managed it, but about a month after his 18th birthday their city was besieged. The siege was swift, and the elves seemed to be infinite, even against the army of Necromancers. Crimnox was escorted by his bodyguards to a safe room above the Throne room, but Crimnox managed to sneak out so that he could speak to his parents. There, he saw that they had broken into the castle. Sievert and Chrozis, as well as Crimnox's mother, Adria, fighting off a lot of them. Crimnox watched as Sievert then fell to a volley of arrows. Chrozis then attempted resurrected him, right before Crimnox. Crimnox yelled, distracting Chrozis, and then shot a Blight spell at his father. Chrozis, King of the Deathwhispers, had died. True to Deathwhisper culture, The Heir must kill the Monarch. This made Crimnox the Legitimate King of the Deathwhispers. His mother yelled in Shock, and in Crimnox's anger, he killed her as well. He ran to Sieverts body, trying to see if maybe he had any life left in him.
The Elven Commander, Inara Talandren, laughed at Crimnox. "That's a good boy! I hope you're as willing to surrender your own life as easily as you gave up your parents!" Sindragosa then came into the throne room, and without hesitation shot Inara in the eye with a fire bolt. Sindragosa grabbed her brother and they ran. They escaped the castle through secret tunnels and met up with the Dracolich, Dracul, and the small group of Necromancers sticking near him to survive. Yiviah was leading it, and Sindragosa demanded that they help them get to the other tunnels that could get the Deathwhispers out of the city. They agreed, but Dracul stayed behind to fight off a majority of the Army. They eventually made it to said tunnels, but the Army was close on their tails. They heard the Dracolich scream when he died, and they could hear the army marching after them. Yiviah and the other necromancers swore to stay behind and hold them off long enough for the two Deathwhispers to get out. Crimnox would then share an embrace and kiss with Yiviah, telling her that he was sorry for everything that he had ever done.
"As we escaped from the back, we got onto the boats that should have lead us to the other side of the lake, and we could escape to the East. The Undead Captain and his crew led us to the other side. I just watched my city burn as we left. Sindragosa just held onto me. You could still hear it. The screaming, the terrible noise of arrows piercing human flesh. The purging that was going on inside my city. Tìr nam, the ancient capital of the Deathwhispers, was lost. I could do nothing, but cry. My sister cried too. We had lost… everything. I had lost everything, in a matter of a few hours. It won't happen again. I won't let it." ~Crimnox's Diary
Crimnox and Sindragosa then asked the Corruptor what they should do now. He guided them to a isolated Inn, ran by a Dwarf called Thogrom Stormhammer. The two said that they were lost and needed a place to stay, that their home had been raided and destroyed by orcs. The Dwarf let them stay there for a long time, nearly 2 years. They became friends very quickly, Crimnox and Sindragosa helped out a lot. When Crimnox turned 20 years old however, the Dwarf found out that they were Deathwhispers. He let the elves, who had asked him many times if he had ever seen them, know that they had stayed at his inn. He convinced the two of a great spot to have Crimnox's 20th birthday, an ambush set up by Inara and Thogrom. This took the two completely by surprise, and they were captured. Inara taunted Crimnox, and then cut Sindragosa's throat right in front of him. She thanked Thogrom for his help, and they began to drag Crimnox off. Crimnox damned Thogrom and swore that one day he would return.
Crimnox would then be a slave to Inara for the next 7 years. She treated him like her own prize, like a pet. He was constantly sexually, physically, and mentally abused by her. After these 7 years, he found that Inara kept some things from Sindragosa, this included her Spell book. Crimnox stole it, retaught himself the basic spells, and would finally kill Inara. He then ran out of the town, and ran as far to the east as he could. He made it as far as the Kingdom of Eastmarch, making it about a mile away from a city called "Ferk Herth" It was there that the elves who were chasing him finally caught up to him. They found and beat him to near death, and thought to just leave him there, broken and to bleed out. The Corruptor kept him from truly dying just yet, that is when he was found and taken back to Ferk Herth by a young Hama Lackman.
A Fresh Start
For about 3 weeks, Crimnox was unconscious, being taken care of by Hama Lackman and Caitlyn Heart-Render. They were two elves who lived in Ferk Herth. Hama had been taken under Caitlyn's father, known only as the 'Old Man of Ferk Herth' too many. He was the town physician, and Hama had brought in the near-death Crimnox. He could not actually tell how Crimnox was still alive, he could not detect the Corruptor within him, stabilizing him. When Crimnox finally awoke, he was startled that two elves were taking care to his wounds. He yelled at them to stay away from him, he feared that he had been captured again, but Caitlyn managed to calm him down, and explain where he was, and that he had been unconscious for so long. Crimnox still could but barely move, only able to really get up and walk to the door of the room he was staying in before nearly collapsing. For another two months they would take care of him, until he felt good enough on his own.
Him and Cait spent a lot of time together, while Hama was mostly out collecting supplies for medicines and other Druid items. Cait would help him out of bed so that he could go the bathroom, get food, and even just go on walks so that he could regain his strength. They did begin to develop feelings for each other, and Crimnox started to feel good enough to be on his own. The Old man did ask how Crimnox intended to pay him back, he would not rush Crimnox, but he did need some help in terms of finances. Hama would mention that bounties were pretty easy to come by in Ferk Herth. Crimnox had never been one to really care to pay anybody back, he was royalty after all. But there was none of his people left, and he did find these elves to be actually likeable. Perhaps he could change his situation he thought to himself, so Hama and Crimnox went to go find the closest bounty. It was here that they learned of a nearby Bandit camp that had been harassing Ferk Herth and the surrounding area for a long time.
Crimnox and Hama would find help in a warlock named Ajus, a silent warrior who Crimnox deemed '6'. They set out to take care of these bandits, and they did. 6 would not survive, but Crimnox, Hama, and Ajus would take care of all the bandits. When they returned to Ferk Hearth, they were paid and also a great fair was held to celebrate. With the cash Crimnox got, he would try to find a horse, but a Goblin in town that was selling horses had a Dire Wolf that caught Crimnox's eye. He named it Frank and took it under his care. During this fair, Ajus tricked Crimnox into accidentally poisoning the supply of ale for the entire fair. Soon after, Bandits would attack the town, old allies of the Bandit camp. Initially they wanted to fight their strongest, where a Dragon born named Skaal would stand as the warrior. Crimnox would rally the entire town against the bandits though, as it was very obvious that the town outnumbered the enemy. Crimnox had always been charismatic, but he also looked like an evil necromancer. Maybe the town was drunk enough, or they could hear the king that lived within Crimnox, but they stood their ground with their leader, Crimnox Deathwhisper!
The Battle would begin against the bandits and Ferk Herth. Crimnox ride Frank and carry his friend Ulfric with him beating bandits. Then, they could see the bandits were stealing some of the people, and one important to Crimnox. It was Cait. Crimnox could see where they were going but would have to chase them down. Ulfric and Crimnox charged through the ranks and ran off to where the bandits were. When they found them, they had been ambushed. They were captured and taken to an illegal fighting arena in a military city halfway between Ferk Herth and Eastmarch.
Crimnox and Ulfric planned their escape, and rescue of Cait, along with any other of the slaves or gladiators in the arena. Coincidentally, Hama and Ajus hired Skaal and they all followed the tracks to find them. On the day that Crimnox and Ulfric would start their escape, the three would start to break into the prison.

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