The Knights of the Abyss

"We are the Knights of the Abyss. We are loyal to the lord Crimnox, and We do what the living cannot."
The Abyss Knights began 40 years ago when their Abyss-Lord Crimnox Deathwhisper denied his afterlife and returned to the world as a revenant. In his attempts to save his daughters soul, he has created himself a new order. The Knights of the Abyss exist only for two reasons. To serve the Highlord, and to destroy anything that threatens the Material realm.
They currently operate out of an ancient Deathwhisper assault citadel, named Bàs air bhog, which means 'floating death' in the ancient Deathwhisper tongue. Currently to get further recruits, Crimnox has sent each Abyss Knight, Necromancer, etc., to adventure, called a Trial by the order, for a minimum of a year to see the world that they are protecting. They do not work for free however, and ask simply to have access to one grave of any city they work in. An ancient warrior, or petty thief will do fine. Death has a way of clearing a souls mind, and these can be made into powerful warriors by the Abyss-Lord. There are many different warriors in the Abyss-Lords order.
They are divided into a few sects. (Not in order of strongest to weakest)
The first sect are the 'Initiates', Led by their Watcher, Grace. These are Living mortals who have signed up to join the fight against the darkness, but haven't been accepted in their own societies. Perhaps they practiced darker arts to save a town, or were betrayed by a demon they made a pact with and want revenge. Special Operatives from the Abyss knights seek these people. More commonly though, Abyss Knights or those on their 'Trial' will take a body back. The Abyss-lord and a small squad of his finest Knights will then enter the Shadowfel and retrieve the soul. If successful, they return to their body as Initiates. If the soul is not retrieved, the Abyss-lord uses them as a new Zombie, Ghoul, Skeleton, etc. Normally before a Trial, the order finds out what the initiate is best at. Whether that be fighting, Spell casting, or a combination of both, they are then sent to train with one of the teachers in the Order.
The Second sect is the "Wight Company. This order are led by the wight commander, Ironskull, and are the undead resurrected into the order. Zombies, Ghouls, Skeletons, Mummies. Sometimes, as the times are dire, Experiments are also in this category. However, a vast majority of this is made up of Wights. A wight appears as a weird and twisted reflection of the form it had in life. They're basically Intelligent zombies, able to carry over the intellect from their past lives.
The Third sect are the 'Abyss-Knights'. Led by their Watcher, Ulfric Bigbeard, these are the some of the strongest members of the Order. They are similar to death knights, but are not inherently evil. They are not fallen paladins either, at least not all of them. They utilize the heavy plate of Knights, with heavier shields and weapons, but they also use the dark power of the Corruptor. They normally use pet undead, a zombie or ghoul is most common, and fight well with them. They respect each other, and go on crusade-like hunts against those who kill other Knights.
The Fourth sect are the 'Necromancers'. Led by their Watcher, Yiviah the Corrupted. They are not as strong in melee, but are some of the strongest wizards in the entire world. Using the darkness of the Shadowfel to cast evil spells, they destroy the enemy with the necrotic power of the Corruptor. They can drain the life force from anything, plants, people, animals. They can then take their soul to heal themselves, even bring them back from the dead as a twisted, dark servant. The specialize in resurrecting the dead, multiples at a time, to fight in small, efficient groups.
The Fifth sect are the 'Abyss Watchers'. Led by the Abyss-Lord Crimnox Deathwhisper himself, these are the best of the best. The Elite of the Knights. Veterans and masters of the darkness, Crimnox personally deems these worthy to lead his forces into battle. Some of them are even granted the title of 'Teacher' and can teach the others of the order how to do what they do.
The Seventh sect are the 'Shadows'. These are the Knights spies, and covert ops teams. Led by one of the best agents in the world, a Man known as Shade. Some of these are actual Knights who have taken more of a subterfuge approach to fighting the Corruptor, others are actual ghosts, who scout things out for the Order.
The Eighth sect are 'Hunters'. Very few in number, these knights are trained by a man known only too their leader, one named the 'Gunslinger'. A man who lives within the Shadowfel, these warriors are trained in the style of a Horizon Walker Ranger. These warriors are able to detect when portals from other planes open up, and are able to manipulate travel between them in order to stop demons or devils from entering the Material realm. There are very few of these, but those that exist are some of the most powerful knights in the order.
Important People
* The Abyss-Lord Crimnox Deathwhisper -
Forty years ago, Crimnox Deathwhisper died in the Ancient Deathwhisper Citadel. His daughter, Mara Deathwhisper, had been corrupted by the abyss and its minions and would be his killer. When he began his walk with Domjir, he denied his afterlife, and returned to the Material realm. As he was still a Deathwhisper, he wandered the long dark for many months, eventually finding one of the ancient assault citadels. Before working to reactivate it, he would venture to the 'Lost city' or Tìr nam marbh, the land of the dead. His daughter had not yet returned to the Deathwhisper capital, and so Crimnox would bring back a few of his friends, and then ventured into the Shadowfel. He retrieved their souls, and it appeared that they now had their free will. Finding that he could now resurrect people with Necromancy, and also that reclaiming the soul seemed to make them stronger, he would continue to do this later. With his new allies behind him, he would reactivate the citadel Bàs air bhog, one out of the ten necropolis' the Deathwhisper had in their arsenal. From here, Crimnox would begin to establish diplomatic relations with many different nations, and begin to build his order to the strength that it is today.
*Yiviah 'the Corrupted' Frost-Bringer*
Yiviah was born 80 years ago, the same year as the Abyss-Lord Crimnox, in the Lost city. She came from the a noble family that historically rivaled the Deathwhispers, called the Frost-Bringers. While the Deathwhispers were skilled in darker, necrotic type magics, the Frost-Bringers seemed to specialize in frost-style spells. When both in school, they challenged each other often. But when they both turned 14, things changed. Politics in the Deathwhisper world required that these two families did not fight anymore, so Crimnox's father and Yiviah's father set them up for marriage. For four years, they seemed happy together. But when they turned 18, things turned sour between them. They stopped seeing each other, but Politically, they were still together. Because of this they couldn't take a proper break from each other. Two years later, The lost city was attacked, and Yiviah would die holding off the attacks so that Crimnox and his sister, Sindragosa, could escape the city. Her soul would rest in the Shadowfel, which was not what she expected. Being tortured and fed upon by the Corruptor, Yiviah's soul would be in pain for a long time. What seemed an eternity in the Shadowfel, had only been about 50-60 years in the Material realm. She could feel something then, her body in the Material realm had been used for a Necromancy spell. This did not exactly surprise her, she had always expected it. But what did surprise her was when her husband, an older, perhaps more broken version, appeared before her. Crimnox told her everything that had happened in his life after she had died. Crimnox then asked for help, and Yiviah would be convinced, along with some other Necromancers. She would be one of the strongest ones, and would be the best in assisting Crimnox reactivate Bàs air bhog. She now is the head of the Necromancy school, and also helps send Knights on their Trials.
*Ulfric Bigbeard*
Ulfric died of Cancer about 41 years ago. When he first entered his heaven, he was a bit disappointed. Of course it was nice, Arion was a very nice god, and the whole place did make him… content. But there was nothing to fight. There was no longer the thrill of battle that Ulfric had always craved! Nothing to destroy in the name of Arion, only peace. But one day, he was violently ripped out and woke in an entirely new world. It was dark, all the time, and it always felt as if doom itself was watching him. A big change from the plane that he had been in. At first he sulked, but then he found that there were things to fight, everywhere. Ulfric was thrilled! He finally had demons and undead to fight, and they never stopped! This was heaven, surely! Soon his old friend Crimnox found him, slaying as many demons as he could find. Crimnox explained what had happened, and how Ulfric's Goddaughter, Crimnox's daughter, had been corrupted by the God who corrupted this very realm, the realm that Ulfric had been stuck in. Ulfric simply replied with a nod when Crimnox asked if he would help. Now he is the best martial trainer in the entire citadel. However, he cannot train knights how to use the darker magics to assist their combat, Crimnox or other knights have to assist. Ulfric refuses to learn how to use darker magics, and can still use the light from when he lived as a Cleric.
*Sievert Mystweaver*
Sievert Mystweaver is from a long line of powerful necromancers who regularly ended up as teachers or assistants to the Deathwhispers. Sievert was an excellent necromancer, which surprised nobody. Even less of a surprise that he became the main advisor of King Chrozis, father of Crimnox. At first he was supposed to train the older of the two heirs, Thanatos Deathwhisper, but instead chose Crimnox after about a month of training Thanatos. Later he would claim that he saw a vision from the Corruptor, that Crimnox would be very important in the ancient Prophecy, that one of the Deathwhisper monarchs would bring the empire back to its former glory, and enact the bringing of the Corruptor to the Material realm. Thanatos was assigned a new teacher, and Sievert began training Crimnox. The boys were both only 6 years old. For the first four years, Sievert trained Crimnox in the ways of Necromancy. He was told by Chrozis not to train Crimnox in any martial way, as it was not Crimnox's destiny. This was because of the color of his eyes. Crimnox had been born with glowing green eyes, all Deathwhispers are born with glowing eyes. Green is looked down upon, as they are almost always just good spell casters, but nothing else is good about them. But Sievert saw something in the boy, whether he actually saw something from the Corruptor or not, he would secretly train him to use a weapon along side his spells. Sievert soon learned why Chrozis did not want Crimnox to become skilled in combat other than spell-casting. When the two boys were 10, Chrozis had Thanatos and Crimnox fight to the death. "There can only be one heir," Chrozis told Sievert, as he forced him to watch the boys fight. Sievert's rival, Leivok Shadowwind, had been training Thanatos. The Shadowwind family had also been regularly assigned as assistants to the Deathwhisper monarchs. Where the Mystweavers were more wizardly, more like prophets, the Shadowwind were more militaristic, more martial in their works. When the boys fought, it did seem in favor of Thanatos, but before he could strike down Crimnox, Crimnox unleashed the magics Sievert had taught him. With his brother defeated, Crimnox was urged to slay him and prove his dominance by his father. After the fight, Chrozis called a meeting, where he would assign Sievert as his advisor, and the main teacher of the new heir, Prince Crimnox. Leivok, however, claimed that Sievert had cheated and amplified Crimnox in someway, and challenged him to a duel over the spot of Advisor. Sievert did not hesitate and slew Leivok, right there in the meeting. While training Crimnox, Sievert also trained a few others, Yiviah is one child of note. For nearly the next decade, Sievert would help keep the Deathwhisper kingdom stable, and train the Prince. Crimnox did show his true potential, becoming much better than his father by the time he was 18. But then, the attack on the Lost city happened. Sievert tried his best to protect his king, but ultimately fell. The last thing he saw would be his students, Crimnox and Yiviah, just arrive to kill who had fatally wounded him. When he arrived in the Shadowfel, he was confused. This was not the place the Corruptor had promised him. He was promised a peaceful afterlife, one filled with his wildest dreams. But here, this was surely worse than the fires of Hell that Atar lived in. He would travel for a long time in the Shadowfel, trying to keep himself from becoming insane. For what felt like an eternity, he wandered. He could feel the Corruptor searching the entire plane for him. He wanted Sievert's soul, it belonged to him. But one day, He felt something strange. He could feel it, somebody had used the darkness to resurrect his body. This, of course, did not surprise him. But he did wonder, was this quickly after his death? Or had time been as long as he felt it had? Sievert had been trying to learn about the Shadowfel during his time here, and he found that time is fickle here. It could have only been a year in the material realm, it would have been a thousand in the Shadowfel. On the other hand, every minute could be a thousand years in the Material realm. He had no way of knowing. Then, someone he knew found him. His former students, Crimnox, older… one who had been through so much, it seemed, and Yiviah, she had obviously been stuck in the Shadowfel for a long time as well. Crimnox explained how his life had been, what had happened, and why he was here. He needed his old teacher to do what his family had always done to Deathwhispers. He needed an advisor, a powerful assistant to destroy what the Corruptor was doing. Sievert, after a long time in the Shadowfel had grown to despise the Corruptor, and all things that were linked to him. He accepted Crimnox's deal, and was one of the main wizards to help reactivate the citadel, Bàs air bhog.
Currently, Sievert is now Crimnox's closest advisor, giving him advice on every single thing that Crimnox must deal with. Sometimes he does go out for some 'Field work' as he calls it, getting his own personal servants, helping Crimnox venture into the Shadowfel to save more souls of future Abyss knights, and even uncovering powerful artifacts for the Order.

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