The Timeline.

The Beginning
The universe began when two forces, The Creator and the Corrupter first met within the emptiness that used to be the universe. Sensing the opposing matter within each other, the light and the dark, a battle would begin. During this battle, the Creator found that he could weaken, but not destroy the Corrupter. Weakening him enough so that he did not threaten the Creator any longer, the Creator went out to earn the name we now call him. He would create the Universe as we know it in the image of his light. He began by creating the first of his children, Domjir. Made as his advisor, Domjir would assist the Creator make the rest of the Gods. The Creator then created the world, Ithir. At first it was just a giant rock, desolate like a moon or asteroid. It was as dark as the void of nothing had always been, so the Creator created the Sun, named Cyrus. Following this, he filled the emptiness of the Material Realm with many more, unnamed stars. The Universe filled with light, and the Creator used the rest of his initial power after the Corrupters defeat to create the rest of the Gods.
The Gods
(Elemental Lords?)
The First created was Atar. He was to keep the Corruptor and his other dark minions in check while the Creator… Created. Atar, later on, would also become the God of War for the First Race.
The second created was Selvans/Selvanys to bring life to the wastelands of Ithir. This is the God of Nature. Selvans, along with Domjirs guidance, began to create life on the planet. Plants, Animals, Mountains, he/she gave the planet its ecosystems.
The Third created was Aeryn, The God of Life. She created the first sentient race, now known as the First Race, or First People.
The Fourth created was Diana, The Goddess of Peace, was created to be Atars wife, in an attempt to make him less angry, less bitter with his war against the Corruptor and his minions. She also became the God of Peace to the First People, and to the current races today.
The Fifth would be Xephine, being the child of Atar and Diana. Xephine is the current God of war, but at this time would be her fathers highest ranking General.
The Sixth created was Nerrivik, the God of the hunt. Worshiped intensely by primitive tribes of the First Race, and now by many Rangers and tribes in our current world.
The Seventh created was Maris, God of Agriculture. Worshiped by more civilized cultures in the First Race, and now by many farmers and cultures in the current world.
The Eighth was Dathnak, the God of Health. Originally intended to be someone who could help the God of Life, Aeryn, keep the First Race alive, fell to corruption and helped cause Death and Disease on the First Race. However, he does not do it with the intent to kill, but simply attempts to keep balance.
The Ninth was the God Quintus is the who is known for giving writing to the First race, and also keeps a big book of all events that go on in the world, and continues to add everything down to this day. Many now refer to him simply as 'The Scribe.'
The Tenth was Wayland The Hammer, the God of Craftsmanship. He is worshiped by many crafters, blacksmiths and carpenters, etc.
The Eleventh was Metis, the God of Magic. He was in charge of keeping the innate magic of the world in check, so that the First Race could not get a hold of it. Today, he is worshiped by many Wizards and other spellcasters.
The Twelfth and Final Major God created was Arion, God of the Light. Created by the Creator to wield the Creators power, the light. The ultimate enemy of the dark, which the Corruptor could wield easily. He was created very late compared to the rest of gods, and even to this very day seems to show off that he is younger. He learned how to wield the truest form of the light by his father, the Creator, and learned martial prowess from his brother, Atar.
The War Of The Realms
While the Gods and the Creator had been making Ithir, many of the Gods had also been creating their own personal planes for them to exist and create their own creations. Atar created a land where he could practice his skills in war, creating Angels of War that would also train here. Selvans/Selvanys, Nerrivik, and Maris would create the Fey Realm. Diana would assist Arion in creating The Heavens, a place of ultimate peace, and creating the Modern Angels. Quintus and Morganna would create smaller, unknown planes, as they prefered to sit atop 'The Mountain of Knowledge', a place in Ithir where they could keep constant tabs on the First race, and continue to teach them how to read and write, eventually helping them create schools. Quintus and Morganna would no longer be needed later on, but many would still make the pilgrimage to the Mountain to learn about the history of their people. Metis worked closely to create other realms with Domjir and The Creator himself. They create realms such as the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, and others like that.
Domjir would create a Unique realm though. With the help of the Creator, Domjir created the Shadowfell. Originally, this was a place that was meant for souls of the First Race peoples that had died, and others. It's name was not originally seen as scary, or evil. It was simply seen as the end. It was the afterlife for all creatures. The other gods did not allow any souls to enter their realms for a permanent time. They could visit, sure, but nobody was allowed to stay.
During this time, the gods discovered the Elemental Planes. They even already had their own 'gods', the Elemental lords, Therris, the Earth Lord, Scald, the Fire Lord, Tempestus the Water Lord, and Azura, the Air Lord. Intially, the Elemental Lords claimed that Ithir had always been theirs, and a small war would break out. The Gods would defeat the elemental lords and a treaty would be drafted that contained the Lords to their elemental planes. However, it was seen that the elemental lords could be useful for keeping Ithirs environments stable. As such, the elemental lords were allowed to keep their lordship over the elements of their respective categories. Seasons are also said to be when one lord gains more power over another.

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